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Calamari Leave

Calamari - smart leave management system. Calamari Leave simplifies leave management. It’s an effective way to save money by tracking vacation & sickness and PTO’s. It works with Google Apps for Work.
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Calamari Clockin

Calamari Clockin is innovative attendance management system. It has mobile app and works with iBeacons and QR code terminals and allows you to monitor attendance of your employees.
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Why we are remarkable?

tailor made cloud

Chrobrus systems are tailor made

Our uniqueness is based on tailor-made product. You can request new features and improvements. Customer voice is criterion with the highest priority. Our SaaS software is actually for you so you decide about future of the product.

software is not a pig in a poke

Chrobrus systems are not a pig in a poke

In many cases when you buy cloud-based software you don’t know anything about its future. We publish product roadmap, where you can track all features which we plan to deliver. You can easily find product release plan, and always know what we are developing for you at the moment and what will be done soon.

our software is alive

Chrobrus systems are alive

Our products are still growing and getting better. Every two weeks we publish new version of our cloud systems with improvements and new features. You constantly receive all features you need.


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